When will I receive my order?

Delivery times vary depending upon the type of shipping service you select and where you're located.

USPS First Class Mail

USA - Northern California - Next Day
USA - Southern California, Nevada, parts of Oregon - 2 Days
USA - All other areas including Alaska and Hawaii - 3 Days
Canada - Approximately 6-9 Days
International - Approximately 4-15 Days

Priority Mail

Exactly the same for all areas except some areas near major metropolitan areas may get delivery 1 day sooner than listed above.

Media Mail

USA - Northern California - 1-3 Days
USA - Southern California, Nevada, parts of Oregon - 2-4 Days
USA - All other areas- 5 - 12 Days
Canada - Not Available
International - Not Available

All delivery times listed are approximate and do not include Sundays and Holidays. Delays are common during major holidays and bad weather.

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