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Transit Gloria Mundi - Token Promotion

Transit Gloria Mundi offered a rewards program for its repeat customers by distributing tokens with each purchase. With the distribution of Transit Gloria Mundi products changing to Train Video Depot, the token promotion has come to an end. But for a limited time, Train Video Depot will continue redeeming tokens you may have collected.

With the new lower prices of Transit Gloria Mundi products, the token requirement for most items have changed as follows:

ALL Tranit Gloria Mundi DVDs are priced at 15 tokens with the exception of "Trolley: The Cars That Built This City" (10 tokens) and "Don Olsen's Pacific Electric Trilogy 3 DVD Set" (35 tokens)

* If you need to pay International shipping, you can include check, money order (drawn on US funds), PayPal (paypal@trainvideodepot.com) or include your credit card number and expiration date. Do NOT include your 3 digit code from the back. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

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