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John Deere Fun on the Farm 2 DVD Collection Vol 1 & 2 5 of 5 (1)

John Deere Fun on the Farm 2 DVD Collection Vol 1 & 2 TM Books and Video JDFUNSET
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Fun on the Farm Vol 1

A fun and educational preschool video for the younger set. You'll learn where food comes from and about the growing season planting, cultivating, and the harvest in the fall. You'll see tractors and combines and lots of farm animals. Doodle Rooster narrates and is joined by Harvey Horse and Bell, the dairy cow. Play the Cloud Game and try to find animals in the sky. You'll be amazed at how many you will find.

Visit the Farm in the Zoo at Lincoln Park Zoo, right in the middle of Chicago. You will also go to the John Deere Harvester Works in East Moline, Illinois to see how John Deere makes their combines. All this fun is set to nine new original songs by our favorite singer/songwriter, James Coffey.

So watch the action, tap your toes and have lots of fun on the farm.
35 minutes

Fun on the Farm Vol 2

This second part of the popular preschool series, Fun on the Farm, makes learning fun. See how big farm tractors plow, plant, and cultivate. Then the busy combines harvest. Have fun playing the counting, alphabet and cloud games. Learn about colors and shapes then draw a barn and a tractor.

We visit Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana, where ice cream and cheese are made from the milk of dairy cows, and we visit the birthing barn. See jobs tractors do with different implements, and watch little seeds grow into vegetables.

Fun farm action - milking cows, cutting hay, plowing, planting, cultivating, harvesting, big tractors, combines, and baby animals. Sing-along and smile to our favorite singer/songwriter James Coffey's eight new songs.

John Deere Fun on the Farm, Part 2 will captivate and educate. Don't miss it!

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Runtime:1 Hour, 08 Mins
Producer:TM Books and Video
Aspect Ratio:Full Screen
Shrink Wrapped?:Yes
Disc Type:DVD
Region Code:0 Worldwide NTSC

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In part 1 made in 2010, Doodle Rooster shows us A Wacky Farm performed by Jim Coffey, with Various Toys made by Little Tykes & Fisher-Price. Next, He gives us a visit to the Grocery Store where we learn that all different kinds of food comes from different farms. After that, Jim Performs 1 little 2 little 3 little animals in the barnyard. All Summer Long, Corn Seeds are assembled in the ground, and when Autumn comes, They transform into Stalks when Harvest Season arrives. Plus we also learn a lesson that Oranges, Pranuts & Rice comes from Florida & Georgia, Corn Potatoes & soybeans came from Iowa & Michigan, as well as a little quiz on where we have to figure out where the different types of crops come from. Here are the results: Grapes come from California, Peaches come from Virginia, Georgia & the Carolinas, Soybeans from the northern Midwest States, Tomatoes from the southwest, carrots comes from all of the northeast especially West Virginia, Apples Come From Oregon & Washington State, Oranges Comes FromFlorida, Haybales Comes from Nevada, Utah, Colorado & Nebraska, Peanuts came from the rest of the southeast, Potatoes comes from the north, and Corn Comes From the rest of the midwest. Next we Play the Cloud Game with Belle the Cow. And Jim Sings Old Macdonald's Farm with John Deere Words. Plus Harvey Horse talks about tractors, and Jim Sings wheels on the bus with John Deere words. After that Belle talks about a Farm which is located deep inside Chicago known as the Lincoln Park zoo. Did you know that Dairy Cows can eat 50 pounds of food a day? We also meet the Black Cockapoo known as Charlie the Wonder dog there. Plus part 2 of the cloud game, and Jim Sings and Plays the Letter of the Alphabet Game which is basically Them Bones with Farm Words. We also learn more on what tractors do, with a game called named that tool. Plus Harvey askes James on How JD makes Combines in East Moline, Illinois, with a song. Surprisngly, these footages from that segment was taken from John Deere Country Part 1 but in fast time-lapse mode made for this video. After that, Belle plays part 3 of the cloud game. Plus Harvey still talks about tractors, and Jim Sings It's time to do the chores. Afterwards, Belle shows us a silly spot known as a Pizza Farm. First, the dough comes from wheat, next the sauce comes from Tomatoes, Garlic, Parsley, & Basil. Of course the Cheese is made of milk, and also the toppings come from various types of farms. Next, Harvey talks about all different kinds of horses with Jim Singing You are my sunshine with Pony Words. After that, Doodle gives us lessons on where food grows. Like where corn comes from a field, Blueberry Bushes,Wheat comes from its own field, Grapes comes from a Vineyard,
and even a pumpkin patch with Picking Pumpkins in the Pumpkin Patch taken from John Deere Action. Finally we take a look at how farmers cool themselves down with vintage 1950s or 1960s films, and Steam powered Tractors with Locomotive Whistles at the Hesston Steam Museum, and we close out the show with part 4 of the cloud game. In the Closing Credits: Doodle and Harvey are voiced by Tony Serra, & Belle is voiced by Jasmine Lake.

In Part 2 made in 2011, Belle Cow takes over the hosting Duties, as she watches Zoe & Dax putting a puzzle together, plus Jim Sings Down on Grandpa's Farm, with cows, kittens, and tractors. After that, We made a visit to Fair Oaks Farms which is located somewhere in Northwestern Indiana. which includes a theater, an Ice Cream Factory, A Cheese Factory, and I think it holds the world record for most cows on one farm. The answer? 30,000 cows! We also met Charlie the Black Cockapoo, and an animated Border Collie named Moe. Plus Jim sings and Plays the letter of the Alphabet Game where it is Basically them bones but with John Deere Words. And we see how the kids are doing with the puzzles, plus part 2 of the Fair Oaks Farms as we witnessed some of the 30,000 cows taking a spin on the Milking Carousel. Fact Alert: in order to give out 10 gallons of milk, they have to squeeze their own udders 3 times a day. Let's do a little Multiplication math: 32,000 cows have to squirt 10 gallons a day, so all together, they made 320,000 gallons of milk per day. Next we play the Cloud Game, and visit sunshine the pony's first birthday, and say hello Raynee the little foal with Jim Singing the Bear went over the mountain with horse words. Plus say hello to Sunshine's Friends Summer & Lucy. After That, Moe talks about all different kinds of bugs even how tractors spray the little pests away. Plus Jim sings There ain't no bugs on me. After that, we did some coloring fun with Belle, and Jim Sings Do you See the Colors of the world with Maria the Spanish Speaking only girl. We get to see how Zoe & Dax are doing with their tractor Puzzle. Plus Moe Talks about Hay. Next we meet Speedy the turtle with the Lone ranger tune from Lionel Nation part 6 with Jim Singing the song. After that, Moe Talks about Combines. Next Belle talks about Corn and how they were planted with peppers, Tomatoes, lettuce, and Green Beans With Jim Singing I'm a little seed. Next Belle Talks about Shapes as we see whats inside and outside the house, plus a look at a stop sign, and learn how to draw a JD Tractor, and a barn. Plus Part 3 of the Fair Oaks Farms where we see the calves being born which includes a male named Winchester trying to stand on his own 4 hooves. Finally we made a visit to the cheese factory, and play the cloud game one last time. Plus Moe Talks About what Tractors Do Besides Farming. Oh and Before we head for the Closing Credits, Zoe & Dax Have Finished Putting the Puzzle together. Speaking of Credits, Belle is Voiced By Jasmine Lake, and Moe is Voiced by John Pelligrini, Surprisingly, some of the instrumental songs are composed by Gene Michael Productions which is known for being used on almost each and every Vintage Silent Steam Film From Greg Scholl. Now before I go to the Recommendations. Here's a negative thing about this. When this was sown on Amazon instant prime on the go video service, there have been some screen gliches causing the sound to be 3 seconds out of sync. The on the go Version of part 1 is excellent, but part 2 for the on the go version, fail!

So in Conclusion, Would I Recommend this 2 part set to Daycare Children & TMBV collectors everywhere? Well... I Have 3 Answers. I'll Say Yes to the standard DVDs, Yes to the Amazon On-the-go Version of part 1, and No to the Amazon on the go version for part 2. But at least they are intersting to learn from TM More often than Sesame Street's Quarter of a Billion Viewed Episodes of Elmo's World on Youtube, Christina Miller's Teen Titans Go Network, and Sharon Miller's Thomas the tank engine stories.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Excellent!
DVD Value: Seemed a little high, but not too bad.
Recommend to others? Yes.

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