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Doubleheader PRR 7002 and 1223 DVD

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Doubleheader PRR 7002 and 1223 DVD Mark I Video M1DH71
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This exciting program features two restored PRR steam locomotives, Class E7 4-4-2 7002 and Class D D-16sb 4-4-0 are presented heading three outings sponsored by the Strasburg Railroad. Both of these fine engines have recently been withdrawn from service, and this documentary is a lasting tribute to these historic and elegant locomotives. Full color with stereo sound. Highlights include:
Historical description of PRR 4-4-2 7002.

Full Coverage of two doubleheaded excursions from Strasburg, Pa to Harrisburg and return, plus a round trip from Strasburg to Philadelphia. Trackside and pacing scenes are included.

Scenic locations include Rockville Bridge, Gap, Villanova, Thorndale and Strasburg Railroad

Running Time: 60 minutes *DVD*

Produced by Marc S. Balkin - Written and Narrated by Jim Boyd

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Doubleheader PRR 7002 and 1223 DVD
Steamboy (Revere MA US) on 2020-08-29 13:32:55.

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In this soon to be 35 year old program from 1986, it starts with the 1223 & 7002 on the electrified mainline. Besides Mark 1 video, 2 more forgotten producers of the 80s: Berkshire productions & Walter Berko were also there for the 1985 doubleheader. Afterwards, Jim Boyd talks about 7002 which includes some black & white still images of the real 7002 in action as it is since been gone for scrap in 1934. The 8063 is preserved as it was renumbered to 7002. Meanwhile, a visit to the Strasburg railroad in Lancaster county Pennsylvania is shown as both engines are idling at the depot. Comparison images of 8063 & The real 7002 are shown as well as the railroad museum of Pennsylvania which is across the street from the depot. There was also some restoration photos of 8063/7002 during 1982 & 1983. The Atlantic made its inaugural run on the first day of August 1983 and like the 1223, it was sadly retired & put back to display mode at the museum near the end of the 80s. A mention of Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 number 22 the inyo is heard. Meanwhile, 1223 ran around the coaches at the main depot. Afterwards, the 2 engines are facing the opposite direction for a once in a lifetime special to downtown Harrisburg as evidence by the map of the route on June 8 & August 23, 1985. Meanwhile, a map of the route from the Strasburg railroad to downtown Philadelphia would be operated on May 8, 1986. If you look closely at the map of the eastbound trip to Philadelphia, note the state highway sign that was referenced to a Norfolk & Western J class northern.

Once the opening title cards are finished, both the 8063/7002 & 1223 are waiting for the clear signal to Harrisburg as they are leaving the Strasburg tracks. The morning for June 8, 1985 is wet & cloudy but later that same day, the sun will soon be popping out of the sky. The depot at Strasburg, the signals, the groffs grove picnic area at cherry hill, the carpenters crossing/ghost whistle crossing, the run around at Leaman place junction in paradise, & The steam power & coaches have since been overhauled over the years. The tender for Great western 90 is shown as the 2 Pennsylvania locomotives leave the Strasburg depot for downtown Harrisburg. Also note the cab of Canadian national 2-6-0 number 89 on the ground alongside the tracks. Afterwards, the special takes some slow orders for carpenter's crossing which is known as the crossing of the ghost whistle, then the old steamers are on the electrified mainline as the rain is still falling. Moments later, the engines are whistling at millersville on the Lancaster to Columbia cutoff, then the 8063/7002 & 1223 arrives at the triple track mainline at Columbia after stopping for water. Another look at the map is shown as the special is roaring alongside the Susquehanna river to enola yard. Moments later, some vintage orchestra music is played as the 8063/7002, & 1223 meets a conrail freight while crossing the Rockville bridge. This is one of the longest railroad bridges in America. The Berkshire productions & Walter Berko versions have actual sounds while the 2 engines reunite their own landmark as it did in the early 20th century. As soon as the passengers got off and took a walk for preparations of the photo runby, a meet with an Amtrak F40 & 3 coaches are shown on the Pennsylvanian after the music is over and was replaced with radio scanner communications, the horn & whistle meet, & The highway offscreen. The same conrail freight is still parked on the edge of the bridge. The orchestra music is back as the 2 locomotives perform a photo runby on the bridge, then it fades to the actual sounds as the special gets closer & closer to the other side of the bridge. Afterwards, the 7002 & 1223 took a turn as it passes by the Rockville interlocking tower while approaching it's destination. Again listen for the scanner communications. At the same location, a westbound Conrail 3 unit coal train goes through the junction after waiting for the steam special to pass. It's led by engines 6427, 6605, & 6524. On the return trip, the 2 engines are back on the Strasburg railroad as they roll through groundhog cut while whistling for Esbenshade crossing. The 6-8-85 special comes to a close as the doubleheader arrives back at the main depot before they're being stored at the maintenance shops. One by one, the 1223 & 7002 took turns running light as they ran around the coaches.

More symphony music is played as the 2 engines are on the mainline once again, this time the date is August 23 1985. The reason why is because the city of Harrisburg itself would be marked as the headquarters for the 1985 NRHS convention. The action begins in Columbia as the special is on the one track line after the music fades away to a whistle show. Moments later, a water stop was made as the 1223 & 7002 leave Columbia for its second trip to Harrisburg. Afterwards, 3 trains are shown at the bridge in Middletown: another Amtrak F40 with 3 coaches on the Pennsylvanian, a 4 unit Conrail piggyback following behind, a pair of Amtrak F40s on the now gone Broadway limited going in the opposite direction, & The train that every railfan waited for: 1223 & 7002. Back on the Rockville bridge, the 2 engines are backing for a photo runby where more symphony music is played as well as some actual sounds while the runby is performed. Like the June 8th trip, the 7002 & 1223 are reuniting at their location once again from their years of regular service. Beyond the bridge, the engines are near Lancaster while racing at 60 miles per hour. This scene was also a repeat of the opening part of this program. Back at the Strasburg railroad, the great western Decapod arrives at Leaman place junction tender first with one of the regular trains in the late afternoon. Listen to the iconic bell & reading 6 chime whistle as number 90 arrives. Meanwhile, the 1223 & 7002 arrive light after dropping their coaches at Lancaster while the 1924 Baldwin built 2-10-0 ran around the coaches. Once coupled up, the number 90 heads back to the depot while the 1223 & 7002 follows behind the decapod. This scene concludes the look at the 2 engines on mainline service especially at the Strasburg railroad in 1985.

We fast forward the clocks 9 months later to May of 1986 as 7002 is running around the coaches at the main depot, then it & 1223 goes backwards to Leaman place junction for the preparations east to downtown Philadelphia. Out on the mainline, there is some pacing included as the camera is recording the special from the roof of the automobile. Taking a break from pacing, the special is negotiating a bend at Gap. Moments later, the 2 engines are at thorndale as they are refilled with water while a yard with multiple Conrail diesels are shown. Afterwards, a slow runby was made at Paoli. With everyone back onboard, the 7002 & 1223 stormed east through Berwyn on the 4 track mainline. In no time at all, the locomotives arrive at downtown Philadelphia as they go backwards while going under the 30th street station as they head for the service area. This trip would mark one of the final times that steam locomotives are in the city of once brotherly love. Passengers took a lunchbreak at one of the restaurants in the station or in the downtown area. While the 1223, & 7002 are serviced, Amtrak E60 number 952 is on the storage track. Look carefully for a moving coal train on the right side of the screen as they go over one of the bridges. F40 number 268 is waiting for its service. The E60 electrics & The F40s on Amtrak are a thing of the past as well as the operating conditions of 1223 & 7002 in the modern era. Away from Philadelphia, a 4 car septa commuter train arrives at the community college station from the overpass while the steam special arrives on the adjacent track as they head back to the Strasburg railroad. Back in Paoli, some people are inspecting the action of these old timers on home rails. Then they crossed over to the outer track at an unknown station as 7002 whistles by. Another water stop was made back in thorndale, as still cameras are clicking while the engines idle for service. Then it's back on the mainline once again as they crossed over the stone built viaduct. Returning to gap, the special climbs the grade while whistling through a bend. Once again, we're back in Leaman place junction as the great western decapod would couple up to the rear of the Philadelphia special in the late afternoon as they arrive on time. Meanwhile, Amtrak's westbound Broadway limited makes a meet with F40s 361 & 268 from the Philadelphia yard make a meet with the number 90 & 2 Pennsylvania engines. Listen carefully for some wheel slips as The decapod is having a hard time getting the coaches back to Strasburg rails. Thankfully, the 1223 & 7002 are pushing while going back to the depot. An Amish farmer & his wife are waiting for the special at the red caboose motel as number 90 activates the reading 6 chime whistle While the sun is still setting. With a brief stop between the red caboose motel crossing & The main depot, the closing credits roll as 7002 makes a wheel slip while backing up.

35 years later today, the only Independent steam locomotive from the Pennsylvania railroad is 0-6-0 number 643 at Williams grove in Mechanicsburg.

Overall, the late railfan magazine editor himself did an incredible job narrating this program.

Additional remarks by Steamboy:
Narration: Just enough.
Would kids enjoy this? Yes.
Image quality: Good.
DVD Value: Good Value
Recommend to others? A "Must Have"!

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